we are not affiliated...

Dear Customers,

We (Kisha & Simone), Would like you to know that girlythemes is NOT affiliated with any other theme site. We have been asked this question by various members so we thought it would be better to explain to everyone at once. This "sister site" in question is NOT us. We have nothing to do with that site other than the fact that ALL OF OUR IDEAS AND MOST OF OUR WORK is duplicated and put up so people do think it's us. It is NOT. If you come across this site in question just please know it is not us. Our only and original site is GIRLYthemes.net hosted by blogger. If you do not see this or GIRLYTHEMES.blogspot.com addresses in your toolbar, we have NOTHING to do with it. Thanks for your time.

xoxo, GIRLYthemes.